Here at Sacred Life Christian Television, we want to provide a deeper understanding of why we consider ourselves to be Conservative. In using the term Conservative, we are in no way affiliating ourselves with any political party or political ideology. Sacred Life Christian Television does not endorse any political party or ideology. Rather, the term Conservative is used in the understanding of how the Bible is interpreted and understood. Sacred Life Christian Television takes a Conservative view of Scripture and the reading of Scripture. Sacred Life Christian Television holds Scripture in High Regard as the center of all that is Spiritual and essential to leading a Christian lifestyle.

In this way, Sacred Life Christian Television’s purpose is to usher the viewer into the sacred space of God through Biblically Sound teaching, preaching, and praise. Sacred Life Christian Television also has dedicated a portion of the channel to the body in Video-On-Demand exercises that are designed to strengthen the temple (which is the body) that God has provided each of us. The goal of Sacred Life Christian Television is to provide the viewer with an experience that draws them closer to God and the truths that are only found within Scripture.